10 Things WWE Fans Expected To Have Seen By Now

Can you believe we still haven't seen Rock vs. Triple H one-on-one at 'Mania?

bray wyatt

WWE's product moves fast, doesn't it? Think about everything we've already seen this year for a second and it's like a maddening blur. The Undertaker may just have retired (at WrestleMania, no less), Jinder Mahal went from jobbing no-hoper to WWE Champion, and even Bill Goldberg had a short run with the Universal strap before disappearing back off into the sunset.

The sheer amount of content WWE's creative team are expected to come up with only makes it more surprising that we haven't seen it all. Yes, fans have witnessed a lot in 2017, but we haven't yet seen everything. Quite how creative have managed to resist burning through some of the more obvious stories is astounding.

Could this be a sign that WWE's writers are willing to slow things down a touch? Perhaps, but some things fans fully expect to see are bound to happen at some point. The big shock comes when realising the year is nearly over and none of these things have actually happened to date...


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