10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Becky Lynch

Irish vixen is experienced, efficient, and dangerous.

Women's wrestling might still be an afterthought on WWE's main roster, but regular viewers of NXT know exactly what can happen when someone gives €œdivas€ a chance. Since NXT Arrival became the first event to air live on the WWE Network, fans have had the privilege of witnessing some of the best women's wrestling matches in the company's history. Paige, Emma, Natalya, Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks; these were the names that defined the NXT women's division in 2014, and in the process, gave the NXT women's championship an almost unprecedented level of prestige. 2015, however, has seen the rise of a new contender to the ranks. At the Takeover: Rival event in February, Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte were joined in their championship fourway by Becky Lynch, a headbanging Irish rocker who had aligned herself with Banks a few months prior. Having previously taken a back seat to Banks, Rival was Lynch's first appearance in an NXT live special. She didn't win the championship, but she did turn a number of heads with her in-ring performance, which included crisp technical wrestling, brutally throwing Charlotte into the ringside LED board, and executing a picture-perfect pump handle suplex on Banks that can only be described as high-impact. All of a sudden, wrestling fans were buzzing about Becky Lynch. The following week on NXT, Lynch defeated Bayley in an excellent match with an arm submission, and what's more, the ever-popular Bayley was receiving chants from only half the crowd; the other half was chanting €œBecky Lynch.€ With her star on the rise, here's everything fans need to know about the vicious and versatile Becky Lynch.

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