10 Things WWE Got Horribly Wrong In 2015

Where did it all go wrong?

Even the most rose-tinted of WWE fans would have to admit that 2015 hasn't been the greatest year for the world's largest professional wrestling company. Bad stories and bad execution has seen television ratings drop to record lows, as the audience tunes out in search of something more interesting, more captivating, or just plain better. I would never presume to say that booking a professional wrestling promotion would be easy. This is especially true for a promotion of WWE's size, with the largest roster and the most shows to think about it can be a tremendously difficult task. Keeping everyone happy is nigh on impossible, and that just goes for the roster. When it comes to the audience, you aren't going to please everyone all of the time. Despite this, WWE has consistently fell short in some very glaring ways during the year. A number of decisions were made that defied any and all logic, both for the short and long term good of the company. Sparks of optimism were quickly snuffed out quicker than you can say 'Rusev, Crush!'. Opportunities presented themselves for great content, and WWE frequently managed to mangle them...


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