10 Things WWE Got Wrong At No Mercy 2017

RIP WWE's cruiserweight division.

Enzo Amore

WWE No Mercy 2017 promised much going in. The show was built around two huge matches, two colossal bouts that WWE was quick to describe as ‘WrestleMania-worthy’. The undercard also offered much, with stars, championships, and intrigue-a-plenty. This year has been a disappointing one for WWE at big shows - No Mercy could have been the start of a turnaround.

Did No Mercy live up to the hype? Absolutely not. The show was far from terrible, but the RAW crew gave the WWE Universe another show that tip-toed the line between mediocrity and excitement. There were matches, there were title changes. Things happened, but once again none of it seemed to matter.

WWE continues to tread water before WrestleMania season begins. No Mercy could have been a fantastic show, but once again the biggest pro wrestling promotion on the planet made too many wrong moves for that to happen. Last night WWE once again proved to be the doyens of underwhelming.

10. The Miz And His One Finish

The Miz No Mercy 2017

The main show opened with the WWE Intercontinental Championship match between The Miz and Jason Jordan. It should be clear to all and sundry that the crowd has no interest in Jason Jordan as a recipient of nepotism, and a heel turn absolutely must be in his future. That seems obvious, but this is the company that still believes Roman Reigns is its top babyface. Go figure.

The Miz retained the championship, doing so thanks to the interference of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Surely The Miztourage’s involvement should have led to a disqualification? WWE referees aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the box, but the selective implementation of the rules is immensely frustrating.

Jordan vs. Miz was an above average match between an excellent wrestler who isn’t over and a mediocre one who is. The finish was lazy and uninspired however. ‘Heel champion retains via interference’ is fine every now and then, but it is the only way that Miz seems to win. This was an excellent opportunity to give Miz a clean victory.


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