10 Things WWE Needs To Bring Back

You can sign a $1 billion deal... but won't give us pyro?


WWE has done plenty of good making appropriate changes to their product lately... but we're wrestling fans. "Enough" isn't in our vocabulary.

One of the easiest changes for WWE to make at any point in time would be reviving something from their past. It's really simple actually, considering all of the creative thought and work for old ideas was already finished years ago. Why bother slaving away hours in the office when you can just bank on your history?

Well, maybe WWE shouldn't go that far, but there are definitely remnants from their past that deserve to be incorporated into their future. Whether it comes down to an enhanced product, nostalgia, or just straight up being a good business decision, Vince McMahon could really benefit from taking a good look at what's worked in the past and applying it to the present.

Like we mentioned, WWE has been doing a pretty solid job at listening to the fans so far this year - hopefully bringing some of these things back can add onto that.


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