10 Things WWE Needs To Improve In 2018

Vince's New Year's Resolutions.


New Year's Resolutions are an exercise in futility for most of the population, who have the collective will power of front-row WWE fans when they come within groping distance of their favourite wrestlers.

However, if there's one person that you suspect probably sticks to them, it's Vince McMahon - a man so driven and detail-obsessed that he once (allegedly) gave Braun Strowman a public dressing down for using the phrase title shot instead of title match.

If Vince sets his employees a new goal to strive for in 2018, they'll probably reach it - partly because they work for a global juggernaut that has been at the very top of its industry for the last 50 years, and partly because their boss is apt to scream their faces off if they fail.

As to what those goals might be, we've all got our own ideas. Generally speaking, fans just want to see a better all-round product, with storylines and matches that genuinely capture the imagination. We're not asking for the world - just few hours of wrestling each week that gets us out of our seats...

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