10 Things WWE Realised Way Too Late

10. Indie Wrestlers Are Pretty Good


How times change. A decade ago, we were criticising WWE for not paying enough attention to the indie scene. Now, some of us are getting mad at them for stealing all of their competition's best talent.

On the whole, though, this has to be a welcome change. However good the coaching down in OVW and FCW, the fact is that competing in thriving, independent wrestling promotions like Ring of Honor and PWG is a much better way to prepare for the bright lights of Raw and SmackDown.

The only downside is that it should have happened a lot sooner. WWE picked up CM Punk in 2005, but they also could have taken Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and Nigel McGuinness right around the same time, saving us from drab and repetitive match pairings we were served up at the tail-end of the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Sometimes you can't see what's right under your nose though. It took Punk and, eventually, Bryan going in there and becoming the most popular guys in the company for Vince and co to realise those internet nerds might have a point.

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