10 Things WWE Superstars Need This Christmas

All Cesaro wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.


As in Santa's workshop, the boys and girls of the squared-circle are neatly divided into 'naughty' or 'nice', with hardly any gray area in between (one notable exception being Kevin Nash, who was naughty, but much too large to be messing with). However, unlike the North Pole's largest distribution hub, being babyface or heel (or in the case of Mr. Claus' Spanish department, 'tecnico' or 'rudo') has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on whether gifts clog up a wrestler's chimney breast. In today's WWE, the blue-eyes are just as likely to find a lump of coal in their stocking as they are a championship belt.

Good or bad, there's a sleigh-full of superstars who likely yearn for certain things this Christmas. Unfortunately, the company's owner, one Scrooge McMahon, is only keen on offering brass rings, greedily snatching them away again at the last minute.

Perhaps a little Arctic assistance is in need, then. Of all the wrestlers mailing lists to Lapland this year, these (not so) Tiny Tims are the most needy. Just what will Xanta Klaus drop beneath their tree for when they've finish 25 December Raw?

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