10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About 2018

The desert forgets, but we won't.

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In spite of the plethora of flaws which besiege WWE, you can't ever say that following them isn't perpetually fascinating.

In any given year, the company is guaranteed to make a cornucopia of clangers which have execs fishing out the Neuralyzers. Their boardroom must be populated with as many mice as it is men, given how often their best laid plans go awry.

In 2018, WWE seemed to go out of their way to metaphorically p*ss themselves (including asking talent to literally do the same). Though the company managed to snare a billion-dollar deal with FOX to air SmackDown starting next October, you can only assume it was the consequence of blackmail. The decisions WWE made throughout the year betray this evident business acumen.

A partnership with an oppressive regime for a multi-million windfall may have seemed just about worth it in the short term. Doing it again, after the troublesome bedfellows had drawn global condemnation for alleged extrajudicial execution was the wrong side of bonkers.

So was dragging their finest ever performer out of retirement to prop up the show. And this was just November.

WWE probably assumed, like everything terrible they do, that they'd simply wash their hands of the blood and hope everyone would forget. Nice try.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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