10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Becky Lynch

10. 'The Man' Was Supposed To Be A Pure Heel

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

This bad-ass anti-heroine gimmick was a product of WWE creative meetings all along, right? It wasn't a complete accident that only happened because fans treated Becky like a second coming blend of 50% Steve Austin and 50% CM Punk, eh? She was supposed to be loved, wasn't she?

Not quite.

When Lynch cut promos shortly after her SummerSlam 2018 attack on Charlotte Flair, they were definitely meant to anger the audience. Instead of being annoyed, fans cheered Becky out of the building. This ruthlessness had been years in the making as far as they were concerned, and they weren't going to turn on her now.

WWE pivoted quickly and decided not to fight fan support. Suddenly, the announcers were gushing over Becky's fighting spirit, individuality and hard-headedness. That wasn't the original plan though, and everyone knew it at the time.

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