10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Jon Moxley

The Paradigm Shift.


All Elite Wrestling dropping the news that Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega would co-headline their huge ALL OUT show this August may have been leaked to ensure the rapidfire sell-out, but served too as yet another reminder of how far the former Dean Ambrose has come so soon after his WWE departure.

At the start of this year, he was licking the wounds left wide open by the disastrous Seth Rollins feud - when he wasn't so concerned with getting a disease that he required comedy injections. He was trying to time an arrogant swagger with the sounds of sirens ill-fitting to his popular entrance theme. He was readying himself for a house show match with Nia Jax. He was becoming a circus act.

Physically he was relatively well after rehabilitating extensively from his first ever major injury layoff, but emotionally he seemed to have checked out. He had. Rumours ran wild as early as January that he was off, and though the following months were clouded with misdirection and miscommunication, the only person with the answers never uttered a word on the matter beyond the hard truth - he was leaving.

The character of Dean Ambrose followed through one last time, and five minutes after he was completely free of WWE's clutches, Jon Moxley returned to wrestling. Not that they could, but the company haven't been able to keep a lid on him since...


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