10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About TNA

1. Kurt Angle: TNA Guy?

Impact Wrestling

When Kurt Angle swept in to save the day as a replacement for Roman Reigns in TLC 2017's blockbuster main event, WWE decided to market it as the Olympian's first match in 11 years, asking fans to buy into idea that Kurt hadn't worked a single bout since leaving the company in 2006.

This is patently ridiculous. WWE will never acknowledge it, but Kurt spent ten years as an active TNA competitor, compared to eight under their employ. Impact is every bit as important to his legacy as his first WWE run, and although he was definitely a bigger global star while working for the McMahons, it wouldn't be ridiculous to argue that he eventually became more of a TNA guy than a WWE guy.

Angle is a six-time World Champion and a Hall of Famer in both promotions, but spent just 381 days as WWE's top champ, compared to 608 in TNA. He was never 'The Guy' in WWE, but was TNA's franchise player for a long, long time, and a vitally important figure in their development, leading their main event scene when the company was at its hottest.

WWE would love fans to believe that Angle spent the last decade sat at home watching television, not starring for their biggest American competitor. Unfortunately, they can't rewrite history.

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