10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About TNA

10. James Storm Chose TNA Over NXT


James Storm is secondary to the likes of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle in the pantheon of TNA legends, but the former 'Cowboy' has been a near-constant presence throughout the promotion's lifespan.

Joining the company in 2002, he was an immediate hit as one half of America's Most Wanted, who were staples in TNA's flourishing tag division. They inevitably split, and Storm eventually formed another equally important team: Beer Money Inc., alongside one Bobby Roode.

14 Tag Title reigns and one TNA World Heavyweight Championship later, and James was one of the most decorated wrestlers in the company. In 2015, however, he decided to try his luck as a free agent. His TNA contract expired, and Storm soon showed up in NXT, wrestling two short matches against Danny Burch and Adam Rose that October.

All signs pointed towards a player/coach role, but Storm, to everyone's surprise, wound up rejecting WWE in favour of an Impact return. Sure, he probably wouldn't have been much more than a drop in WWE's vast ocean of talent, but he still turned them down in favour of their beleaguered competitors. That in itself should be enough to draw red-faced embarrassment from the prideful McMahons.


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