10 Things You Didn't Know About Sasha Banks

6. Banks Is Coming Close To 300 Match Milestone


Before signing for WWE, Sasha Banks was known as both Mercedes KV and Miss. Mercedes on the independent circuit. It was in the promotion Chaotic Wrestling - based in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, close to where Banks was living at the time of her training - that she first cut her teeth in the pro wrestling industry, working primarily as a clean-cut babyface.

Also competing in New England Championship Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance, the future NXT Women's Champion made great strides just a few short years after her 2010 debut. Signing for WWE in 2012 reportedly reduced the woman to tears, because it was a dream she had to sign for the biggest company in the world when she was still a teenager.

A lot of older wrestlers have stated that one of the problems with today's industry is that young performers don't have the ability to work for years before making it to WWE, and are thus under-prepared. This wasn't a problem for Sasha Banks, who had wrestled over 150 matches across the indies before WWE came calling. As it stands, she's only 30 matches or so away from hitting the 300 mark.


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