10 Things You Didn't Know About Shawn Michaels

Just how close was he to proposing to Sunny?


Shawn Michaels is seen by many fans who saw him in his prime as the very best in-ring performer the business has ever had to offer.

We all know about the path his career took, his struggles with alcohol and drugs, his forced retirement and subsequent return, and the fact that he is now a man of God. But there's far more to the Shawn Michaels story that just those facets.

The real-life Michael Shawn Hickenbottom made his wrestling debut back in 1984 and finally hung up his boots back in 2010, giving many people many memories, both positive and negative. In terms of the wrestling business, he is a polarising figure and is just as disliked in some circles as he is loved in others.

Like many others to have graced the wrestling industry, the Heartbreak Kid has a whole host of fascinating, lesser-known and even bizarre facts that many may not be aware of. We've all heard the stories of Shawn being Shawn, of Montreal, of the substance-influenced actions and the giant chip often carried on Michaels' shoulder, but here's some HBK facts that may enlighten even the most ardent of wrestling fans.


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