10 Things You Didn't Know About Wendi Richter

7. Worked The Worst Match Of 1984


About that highly watched match that she had with The Fabulous Moolah on MTV...

"The Brawl To End It All" was by all accounts a success. It landed a massive audience and kicked off a booming era for the then-WWF. But that doesn't mean it was technical a masterpiece.

Not only was it not received well critically, it actually became the first ever match to win the Wrestler Observer Newsletter's 'award' for Worst Worked Match Of The Year. Yikes.

To be fair, the people that tuned in thanks to Lauper's star power probably didn't care if this was going to be on the level of Savage vs. Steamboat.

Also, Moolah was born in 1923. Considering that she was in her 60's by the time she wrestled this match, what athleticism she did bring was actually quite impressive.


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