10 Things You Only Learn Attending WWE WrestleMania Live

Get your passport, hit the airport, but you've got to sort out your own transport.


When you attend WrestleMania live, you can see why the roster puts up with it.

You can also see why, since the show drew to a rain-drenched close, no less than three performers have purportedly requested their release. The 'WWE Universe', held hostage by the incompetent transportation arrangement, were eventually allowed to escape. Sasha Banks, Luke Harper and Alexander Wolfe may not see that Uber for a while; Vince McMahon is behind the wheel, and ironically, his fiendish contractual small print and unadulterated greed both drives his roster away and leaves them stranded.

You can make a game of it, to pass through the time of the Kickoff show. Provided you are cruel of disposition, there is certain schadenfreude to be had. Which WWE talent is the most pissed off? Which talent is WWE most apathetic towards?

The answer to that question was Maria Kanellis, who was very swiftly eliminated from the Women's WrestleMania Battle Royal. "Hey, how'd you like your taste of the MetLife, ya sack of sh*t!" Vince roared from gorilla.

That's the Kickoff. The promise of the main WrestleMania show proper must make every performer resolve to do everything in their power to impress, because the most magical of matches at WrestleMania 35 cast its triumphant star as the biggest on the planet...


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