10 Times Brock Lesnar's Ego Ran Wild In WWE

A law unto himself.


Whether you view him as WWE's biggest and most engaging star or a lazy, problematic part-timer, chances are you have a strong opinion on Brock Lesnar.

The Universal Champion is one of the most divisive men in wrestling. He doesn't quite inspire the same levels of vitriol as a Stephanie McMahon or Vince Russo, but he splits opinion like few others in the business.

While it's hard to take anything away from his skill as a performer, or his value to WWE, 'The Beast' has accumulated an army of critics throughout his career. This continues today. With his wrestling and MMA future up in the air, WWE have spent the past few weeks painting him as a disloyal half-asser, and this is a view reflected by increasing volumes of the company's fanbase.

It's easy to see why Lesnar provokes such reactions. Brock only cares about Brock. He does what he wants, when he wants, and he doesn't give a damn about the consequences. In a way, it's hard not to admire his hustle, but he's always going to put himself first, and WWE has often been a playground for 'The Beast's' rampant selfishness...

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