10 Times DX Absolutely Buried Other Wrestlers

Shawn Michaels and Triple H having some 'Sunny' days at the expense of others...

D Generation X

D*ck jokes, toilet humour and enough memories to make them one of the biggest groups in pro wrestling history. That's D-Generation X in a nutshell, but there's another side to the faction Shawn Michaels and Triple H formed many moons ago. Behind the crotch chops and merch money, an ugly face peers out.

Back in 1997, DX was a rebellious goldmine of sophomoric behaviour and anti-authority antics when that was the in-thing. It completely reinvented Triple H as a character, allowed him to show more personality than before and breathed new life into 'HBK'. Over time, it'd do the same for everyone from Chyna and X-Pac to the New Age Outlaws.

But there were some victims along the way. The very nature of these degenerates called for others to suffer so they could lap up some limelight. Sometimes, this made for awesome TV and actually elevated stars such as Steve Austin and Legacy to new levels. Then, there were the burials.

This is a mix of backstage politics, needless personal jibes that bordered on bullying and flagrant power plays in front of millions watching at home. Now they're reunited and set to take on The Undertaker and Kane, DX won't be burying anyone.

We'd say they've had their fill...


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