10 Times Long-Term WWE Booking Paid Off

Good things come to those who wait.


WWE's writing team is often charged with the accusation of impatience and, well, you can sort of understand why.

There have been countless examples of the company throwing its weight behind an appointed "chosen one" (often Jack Swagger) - only for their once-promising push to run into a brick-wall when the writers decide that they were probably never really up to the task to begin with.

Why did Chavo Guerrero become Kerwin White for five minutes? What happened to that weird Kelly Kelly/Randy Orton fling? And - in a couple of months you'll be able to add this one to the list - why are they no longer talking about Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's long-lost son?

But it doesn't always work like that. WWE sometimes excels at slow-build, patient booking - evidenced at this very moment by the excruciatingly long time it's taking for Sasha Banks to finally hit Bayley with the Banks Statement and then tell everyone why hugging is stupid.

And - given how much shade we throw their way when shock reveals go wrong - they deserve a little bit of credit when long-term angles play out just right...

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