10 Times Vince McMahon Lost His Damn Mind

8. XFL


Like many successful businessmen, Vince McMahon is always looking for his next big business venture. In 2001, the WWE Chairman thought he had found just that when he launched the now-infamous XFL.

Essentially billed as a rougher, tougher version of the NFL, the XFL took place in the NFL's off-season. A joint venture between WWF and NBC, the new league would capitalise on the combined successes of pro football and pro wrestling by attempting to blend the best of both - real sport with the showmanship of WWF.

In typical WWF style, Vince even had an XFL blimp fly over an NFL game in the hopes of garnering further publicity. That it did... for all the wrong reasons; the blimp wound up crashing into a restaurant. NFL 1-0 XFL.

Unfortunately for Vince, the games themselves were also poorly received and the quality of action was no competition for the NFL. Most mainstream sporting outlets didn't even report the results.

In hindsight, the project was flawed from the start, offering too much football for wrestling fans and too much wrestling for football fans. Despite initial interest, ratings crashed faster than the XFL blimp. Ultimately, after an unyielding barrage of errors, the league was laid to rest after just one season.


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