10 Times Wrestling GENUINELY Tried To Be Progressive

The BAE Community?!


There's an in-built risk mixing the notion of 'progression' and politics that can result in folks either side of the left/right divide getting tarred with a brush they're not particularly thrilled with. The mere mention of Donald Trump in articles on this website (almost always in context of his numerous appearances with WWE over the years) unearths a plague of abuse from his supporters now on permanent alert regardless of if the tone is even broadly negative.

This introduction isn't to do just that, but his Presidency was again noteworthy to wrestling fans when Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson raised his legendary eyebrow in the direction of The White House.

'The Great One' noted in several interviews that he'd considered running in either 2020 or 2024 depending on his work schedule or public demand. Many of his 'millions' were suitably electrified until the slightest research revealed his prior registration as a Republican and current stance as an Independent.

Far from the Democratic dreamboat many had him pegged as, Johnson's rise through one of the most capitalistic games in town should have clued in the same folk that were surprised to hear that millionaire pro-gun red state property magnate The Undertaker also leans to the right.

For generations, the art-form itself was the ultimate closed club, even now existing on an island away from a scandalised Hollywood and homogenised music industry. A deregulated and indefinable art-form is not one that will often risk future-proof forethought for financial freedom. But when it does...


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