10 Times WWE Broke Your Heart And Didn’t Even Care

Shawn Michaels has entered the building.

When Triple H joined his friends Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall for a mid-ring cuddle in 1996 that inadvertently transformed the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin, he was blissfully ignorant to the punishment he'd face in the aftermath.

His main event buddies had been given the permission slip from Vince McMahon - a concession that included him despite his relatively low position as a heel on the pecking order. When the locker room nearly revolted in the aftermath, McMahon's forced punishment had to come down on the future 'Game'. He was instructed that day to "eat sh*t and learn to like the taste of it", a command McMahon has apparently dished out directly or via stooges over decades at the helm of his empire.

The Chairman clearly got too comfortable with the concept when he began extending it to his audience.

It was once imperative that the audience emotionally and financially invested in WWE's output, though this has changed to the point where within a few years the company will earn less from the customers than they do cash-heavy television networks vying for something - anything - that retains eyes on the night rather than on DVR the next day.

This is a new development though. As of right now, customer satisfaction is still king, despite McMahon's current indifference to the particular cause. Only Vince himself would dare attempt to get away with using the N-word on a pay-per-view in the modern era. Negging isn't half as big a crime.
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