10 Times WWE Seriously Disrespected Hall Of Famers

Leave the legends alone, Vince.

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Getting into the WWE Hall Of Fame is a highlight of many WWE superstar's careers. It signals to the world that your contribution was significant enough be recognised amongst the sports entertainment elite (and Mr. T and Drew Carey). The night that they are inducted into the Hall Of Fame, it must all seem worth it. All of the injuries, the time on the road, the ribs, the politics, the broken promises, the false starts, the time lost.

When you get your hall of fame ring and you're up there on that stage in front of the world giving your speech, it must feel like all of the crap you went through never really happened at all. But it did happen. Not only did it happen, but WWE often went out of their way to make it happen. Anyone has been following WWE for any length of time should know that they're not afraid to publicly embarrass or chastise even those who make the company money and draw ratings.

Anyone is a target for Vince and WWE, whether you're a current main eventer or a certifiable legend. There have been some pretty bad (and blatant) cases of WWE disrespecting those who now sit in the hallowed Hall of Fame and, unfortunately, the odds are that you haven't seen the last of this type of disrespect.


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