10 Times WWE Tried To Convince You Wrestlers Were Related

"I love you, pop".

Edge and Christian

Everyone knows the drill: WWE present something for years then pull the proverbial rug out and suddenly expect you to ignore history. It happens all the time. "This is the first time Wrestler A and Wrestler B have squared off," even when it isn't. "We've never seen Wrestler A manhandled like this before," even though it happened last month.

It goes on and on, and that's all fine when it suits a story. Betraying the past becomes a bit more difficult when the company portray blood relationships on screen then, just like that and without much warning, pretend they didn't.

Look through WWE history and it isn't hard to find legitimate siblings (The Steiners, The Hardyz, The Usos etc). These are guys who genuinely grew up together and have that brotherly bond Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross used to love waxing lyrical about on commentary.

But there are also those combos who shared lineage when it suited creative. As soon as it didn't, their supposed blood ties were either forgotten about or changed completely to suit a new agenda. Only in pro wrestling would it be possible to go from being brothers in 2001 to just childhood friends 10 years later.

That lack of logic doesn't exactly reek of awesomeness...


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