10 Toxic Real-Life Wrestling Relationships

Love and other drugs.

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Professional wrestling has long been touted as an industry where few interpersonal relationships survive, let alone thrive. Marriages, family ties, friendships and even simple business connections have been irreversibly discontinued by the demanding and often unforgiving toil of Sports Entertainment.

The ongoing tales of drama that routinely emerge from the personal lives of Paige and Alberto El Patron have become the latest public fascia that serves as a reminder to fans of the challenging dynamics wrestlers face in an effort to maintain relationships.

Their most recent alleged split followed a host of rumours about their fragility whilst Paige remained benched with a neck injury following back-to-back Wellness Policy violations. Recent reports suggested they may have separated for good, which would commit yet another wrestling partnership to history, where many brutal severances lie.

Tragically, at the expense of a fulfilling social life, wrestlers are forced mainly to commit everything they have to a profession that potentially offers nothing in return. Though some combinations have at times prospered, even those have caused untold damage to some of the fellow professionals closely linked.

These particular kinships either caused devastation as they occurred or left a wake of destruction in their path. Typical of wrestling's extremes, the traumas were always emotional, sometimes physical, and very occasionally, fatal.


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