10 Truly Upsetting Moments In The History Of The Intercontinental Title

The IC Title has sadly been vacated more times than a public toilet...

Despite all the nonsense that has followed the title in the modern-era, pro wrestling fans still nonetheless view the Intercontinental Title fondly. Indeed, there's a real wish that WWE would do the same, and treat the strap with more respect than it certainly gets on television. Many people are hoping Daniel Bryan will capture the belt at WrestleMania 31, going on to bring back some decency to the long-suffering IC division. A lot of folks have pointed fingers at the creation of the World Heavyweight Title as a reason for the Intercontinental Title's general decline, but long before Eric Bischoff handed Triple H that belt, there were a lot of problems plaguing the original secondary championship. The amount of times the title has been vacated (9) is jarring, and even though the belt got off to an auspicious start (Pat Patterson "won" the title in a fictitious tournament held in Rio De Janeiro in 1979), it grew to become one of the more popular belts around. Viewed as a good sign that a wrestler had upwards mobility with the company, holding the Intercontinental Title was once a symbol of excellence, but things have dropped off substantially in modern times. This list looks at 10 occasions which aren't exactly distinguished, and are actually pretty sad moments in the history of the Intercontinental Title.


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