10 Unexpected WWE Moments Caught On Camera

10. HBK's Jacket Getting Stuck On The Entrance Ramp

First up, here's something most wrestling fans have probably forgotten about.

On the 9 May 2005 episode of Raw, Shawn Michaels made his way down the aisle for a match with Edge. The bout was part of the Gold Rush Tournament, but it wouldn't be memorable because of that. No, the moment was made famous by HBK's elaborate ring jacket getting stuck in between parts of the Raw set.

Talk about embarrassing, this was something even the veteran Michaels looked flustered by. Special credit must go to Edge too, because he (somehow) managed to keep a straight face and continue grimacing at Shawn as the legend struggled to break free from the floor.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler had a brief giggle about the mishap on commentary. They couldn't have glossed over it. WWE cameras, for a few seconds at least, caught Michaels tugging away at his outfit and failing to save face.

Rumours are that Meltzer gave the "match" between Michaels and the ramp five stars.


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