10 Ups & 1 Down From Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVI

TNA is dead, long live Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Slammverisary XVI
Impact Wrestling

Forget everything you think you know about Impact Wrestling, because this was one of the best pay-per-views you'll see all year.

Slammiversary XVI was an unqualified success. Though the build was strong, with each of the card's top matches established through weeks of remarkably sharp storytelling, almost everything over-delivered. Impact took the wrestling's world's expectations, tore them up, and produced a whirlwind show more gratifying than anything put out by any other major American wrestling promotion in 2018, and we say that without a hint of irony.

Each of Impact's title-holders were in action, with World Champion Austin Aries vs. the hyper-athletic Moose taking top billing. Relative newcomer Su Yung put her Knockouts gold on the line against company legend Madison Rayne, Brian Cage was out to take Matt Sydal's X Division strap, and Homicide and Hernandez continued a bitter blood-feud with their LAX heirs, Santana and Ortiz. Oh yeah, Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr.'s gruesome mask vs. hair bout was pretty special too.

Impact may never truly shake off TNA's stench, but Scott D'Amore and Don Callis are doing a sterling job. Their influence has completely transformed the promotion, and for the first time in years, this place is starting to feel like a genuine alternative again.

Slammiversary XVI felt like the start of something special. Here's how it went down...


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