10 Ups & 1 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (Sept 4)


1. Should We Be Worried About 'Cien'?

Zelina Vega Andrade Almas

It's too early to ring the alarm with regards to Andrade Almas on the main roster, but we should at least be questioning the direction WWE are taking with the former NXT Champion.

Initially held off television aside from a couple of enhancement squashes and the brief Sin Cara feud, he eventually drifted into a programme with Rusev, throughout which him and Zelina Vega served as vehicles for what looked like a Rusev Day split. Now, he's feud-less, but playing a similar role in the Daniel Bryan/Miz saga. Almas isn't a focused athlete, but a guy used to put other things over.

This isn't a moan, a gripe, or even a major complaint, but this writer registering the first sign of concern. Almas and Vega are stars. They're an outstanding double-act whose respective strengths mask their weaknesses, yet here they are, farting around without any real focus.

Was there any need for Almas to eat sh*t twice on this show - first in the opening seg, then again after the main event? We'll remain patient for now, but persisting with these patterns will see the audience lose faith before he ever gets over, and that's a problem.


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