10 Very Rare Brock Lesnar Matches You Have To See

Not every Brock Lesnar match was a major one...


It can be easy to forget that Brock Lesnar’s WWE career began a whopping 19 years ago. Granted there was the small matter of an 8-year hiatus sandwiched in the middle of it, but over the years he’s still managed to rack up more than 350 matches.

And as such, it’s only natural that a few of those have managed to slip under the radar.

Many of you may have already seen some of the footage that the WWE has been able to salvage; their YouTube channel features a 2001 match from OWV between Lesnar and Batista, as well as a clip from a tag team match in which he teamed with Shelton Benjamin to face John Cena and, of all people, Rico.

But what about the rarest of the rare Brock Lesnar matches, the ones that even the WWE don’t promote?

From house shows, to dark segments, to overseas matches that escaped the spotlight, his career has covered a lot of ground and not all of it’s been made common knowledge. This article looks to change that, as we run through ten very rare Lesnar matches that are well worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

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