10 Ways 2018 Was WWE's Craziest Year EVER

This Is Not A Dril.


It's been a year.

2018 was either WWE's event horizon or latest coming of age, depending on the tint in your 'They Live' glasses. It was the year fans saw the grisly underside of the industry without the aid of Roddy Piper's famous shades. The year you were told to consume, to conform, to yield and to obey, in spite of obvious creative and commercial reasons not to.

But how the f*ck could you look away?!

WWE always trumpeted that "anything can happen", but this year everything actually did.

Raw 25 proffered one of the worst episodes in history, then submitted it for Emmy consideration. SmackDown 1000 utilised an Evolution reunion to tease Triple H Vs Batista for WrestleMania 35. WWE need something big for the New York supercard - they lost their Madison Square Garden hub to New Japan Pro Wrestling after all. They also lost Brock Lesnar...then got him back. The Universal Champion ends 2018 the same way he started it. Unlike new WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who can now use the brand to make more money than he ever did signing company cast-offs for TNA. That company's greatest export held WWE's greatest prize for a full year and still never thought to protect his prized assets. Did he even give a sh*t when he saw the billions the company were set to make thanks to the new television deals anyway?

There's no space for any of the above in this particular list. It's been a year.

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