10 Ways Roman Reigns Can Prove WWE Is His Yard

It's gonna be a dogfight.


Bloodied, broken and banged up is how Roman Reigns has largely been portrayed since the biggest win of his career just over one month ago.

After comprehensively defeating The Undertaker in a disjointed encounter highlighting exactly why it was time to put 'The Deadman' out to pasture, Roman Reigns appeared on the following night's Monday Night Raw and cut through the swathes of sanctimonious sentiment with a phenomenal five word retort.

It was one of the bravest segments WWE have ever attempted, and everything from the scripting and placement on the show to the poise and timing of Roman himself was vital in achieving the ultimate goal.

Taking an age to get to his single line of dialogue, Reigns shouldered the unending torrent of abuse from the masses and majestically toyed with the audience merely by pulling the microphone towards his face.

When he did speak, the declaration was concise. 'This is my yard now', Roman exclaimed, drawing further disdain as he marched back to the dressing room.

Neither a hated heel nor a top babyface, Reigns is not just the latest divisive figure in the mould of John Cena as company propaganda would have you believe. Kids may enjoy his work, but Reigns is loathed in a more nuanced and visceral manner than 'The Champ' ever was.

The dynamic doesn't appear to be changing any time soon, but it's now down to the booking to aid Roman's continued progress in proving that each of those five words were rooted in painful truth.


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