10 Ways The WWE Title Can Rebuild Its Tarnished Legacy

A long road to recovery for SmackDown's "top prize."


The WWE Title is in a terrible state.

Current champion Jinder Mahal was given the belt as a means of prompting growth in the untapped Indian market, but has only succeeded in killing his home brand. SmackDown is the pits at the moment, and while this is down to a multitude of crippling creative problems, Mahal, as the brand's figurehead, must take a share of the blame.

A career-long enhancement talent, 'The Maharaja' has stunk up the joint as champion, with his tasteless promos and dull, repetitive defences derailing many a show since he won the belt. Its deterioration started long before that, though: John Cena's 16th World Title win got the year off to a rocky start in January, and the less said about the Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton feud, the better.

The belt is but an old, dented trinket, and its prestige has evaporated. WWE now face the stern task of restoring what should be their top prize: fortunately, they have all the tools needed for such a repair job.

Whether WWE even want to rebuild the title is another matter entirely, but while righting 2017's wrongs won't be straightforward, it's far from impossible...

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