10 Ways WWE Can Guarantee A WrestleMania 34 Sell-Out

Turning apathy into enthusiasm isn't easy, but WWE have all the tools they need.


While WrestleMania 33 was a mixed bag as far as in-ring action goes, it was a huge success from a business standpoint. It’s best to take WWE attendance figures with a pinch of salt, but the company claimed to draw 75,245 fans to Orlando's Camping World Stadium earlier this year, setting a new record for the building, and creating $14.5 million in total revenue.

WWE haven't exactly flourished since then, however. Currently in the midst of their annual summer slump, TV ratings hit new lows for 2017 a few weeks ago, and show little sign of rebounding. The superstars have been left spinning their wheels in unengaging, go-nowhere storylines, and while there's still 10 months to go, WWE have a lot of apathy to overturn ahead of 'Mania 34.

WrestleMania's next chapter takes place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on 8 April 2018. 75,167 fans witnessed Daniel Bryan's crowning glory the last time 'Mania hit the building, and while WWE will struggle to create a moment of such magnitude next year, they'll be aiming for a sell-out.

Fortunately, they have all the tools they need to put bums in seats, and make WM34 a "must see" event...


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