10 Ways WWE Can Guarantee A WrestleMania 35 Sell-Out

How to put butts in seats in 2019.


It's been about four weeks since WWE brought the curtain down on WrestleMania 34, making now the natural time to start thinking about what the company might have in store for next year's show.

Laugh if you will, but Vince McMahon and co have more than likely started laying the groundwork for WrestleMania 35 already. After all, it's being hosted in East Rutherford's MetLife Stadium, a venue capable of holding more than 80,000 fans (and the one that set the third-highest attendance in WWE history at the same event five years ago).

In order to fill a stadium that big for a second time, they'll need a massive match-card capable of appealing to wrestling followers of all stripes. That means mainstream crossover, of course, but it also means thinking outside the box when it comes to the main event. If last month's show has taught us anything it's that you can't keep booking the same match and expect different results.

Here are 10 things the chairman of the board might want to try to make certain they sell-out (in a good way).