10 Ways WWE Could Rebuild SmackDown

10. Keep Trying


Different things. Not the ridiculous layover stuff; that is very much the application of lipstick on a pig.

To WWE's credit, the company appears to have recognised SmackDown's fall from grace - hence why the production team has taken to learning the finer points of WordArt. Moreover, the Top 10 ranking system is, or has the potential to be, a deft means of both mapping the trajectory of a performer and, in turn, providing fans with a reason to invest in them. Looking ahead with optimism, this may, when fully established post-WrestleMania 34, encourage a sense of discipline within creative and a sense of coherence within the product itself.

With this sensible ranking system, WWE cannot justifiably instal another Jinder Mahal into the immediate title picture without some form of push or foundational logic. Nor can a performer fail to challenge again and again for a title, without risking the wrath of their hungrier, more deserving peers - which theoretically should reduce the amount of rematches. Contravening the Top 10, as has already happened with Baron Corbin or Dolph Ziggler's insertion into the Fastlane event, should also generate storylines beyond the respective title pictures.

Given Randy Orton's list position (#9) and real-life status (irrelevant), the List is already flawed - but it's a new idea, and thus deserves (sorry) an opportunity to succeed.

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