10 Ways WWE Has Changed Since Raw 1000

July 2012 feels like a lifetime ago...

WWE Raw 1000

WWE will pull out all the stops for the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Monday Night Raw this coming week. Big stars will return, magical moments will be revisited and the announcers will beat fans over the head with those 'longest running weekly episodic show in television history' comments. WWE deserve to brag on this occasion.

A quarter century of history has been made with Raw, and there's never been a better time than now to look back at the last time WWE staged a major love-in for one of their proudest creations. On 23 July 2012, the 1000th episode of Raw aired. That was less than six years ago, and yet so much has changed for wrestling's biggest company.

That Raw 1000 show was the first of the three-hour era too. Since then, WWE have produced a stunning 286 editions of their flagship show. That means fans have sat through around 858 hours of programming since Raw 1000 aired.

Pat yourself on the back, then realise how different things have become in that time...


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