10 Weakest Links In WWE Right Now

Bloated 'Demons' & sleepy 'Vipers.'


WWE's talent pool has never been as a deep as it is today. The active roster is ludicrously well-stocked, with genuinely world-class athletes all over the card, from Raw and SmackDown's lower reaches to the main event scene. Kassius Ohno, one of the most well-rounded wrestlers on the planet, is currently playing a developmental gatekeeper's role: that's how stacked this company is.

The depth extends beyond in-ring competitors. Corey Graves is the most engaging colour commentator since the late, great Bobby Heenan. Daniel Bryan is an impossibly affable authority figure. The Performance Center is crammed with respected coaches, trainers, and executives.

Regardless, every group has its weak links, and Team WWE is no exception. Yes, the promotion is full of talented people, but there are still plenty who detract from the product creatively, athletically, or in ways that may not be obvious to the casual viewer.

Note that this isn't a ranking of the company's least skilled performers, but those whose work actively makes WWE programming a less enjoyable experience (though there'll inevitably be some crossover). Full-time or part-time, behind the scenes or camera-facing: these men and women stifle everything they touch.

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