10 Weakest WWE Return Pops Ever

Spare a thought for poor old Brian Christopher...


Few things get a wrestling crowd going like a big return, and the thrill of an old face turning up completely out of the blue can't be matched. It provokes the kind of hysteric, adrenaline-fuelled response that makes the sport worth watching in the first place, drawing even the most jaded fans into the moment.

From Triple H's return to Monday Night Raw in 2002 to The Undertaker's Judgement Day 2000 re-emergence, wrestling comebacks have provided some of the loudest, most memorable pops in the sport's history. Even The Great Khali, one of the most maligned World Heavyweight Champions ever, got an excellent crowd reaction at Battleground 2017, which pretty much says it all.

Nothing is foolproof, however, and surprise returns are no different. Khali's example proves that they can draw a reaction for even the lowliest wrestlers, but if the circumstances aren't right, the crowd will kill the moment with dreaded silence. Some of the names included within are genuine wrestling legends, making their lack of audience acknowledgement saddening, while others were never particularly popular in the first place.

Whatever the case, none of their returns produced the response that the company or performer had hoped for, leaving both red-faced...

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