10 Weirdest Lucha Underground Moments (So Far)

Welcome to Lucha Underground... where wrestling in masks is the most normal thing that happens.

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Lucha Underground is unlike any other wrestling show on television. Sure, there are great matches, championships to feud over, and a dastardly promoter who's as likely to favor one wrestler while screwing over another.

But there are also Aztec medallions representing ancient tribes, dark magical rituals, undercover cops, at least two women that have lived for centuries, nun-chuk fights, and murderous man-gods who rip out spines and deliver power bombs with equal fury.

So when you enter the doors of the Temple in Boyle Heights and sit down amongst the Believers to enjoy a night of great lucha action, you never know what you're going to see.

You might get a world-class wrestling match between two highflyers. You might get a battle for the ages between two big hosses. You might get a hardcore brawl that has you gritting your teeth.

Or you might end up with one of the weirdest things you've ever seen, either in or out of the squared circle.

We're well into the second half of Season Three, and the show has ratcheted up the pressure as we barrel toward the finale, Ultima Lucha Tres. Along the way, bucketloads of the odd and peculiar have been dumped before the viewer. Here's a sampling of the absolute weirdest.


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