10 Weirdest WWE Cameos By Wrestlers Before They Were Famous

It pays to serve 'The Game'.


Whether they'll admit it or not, just about every professional wrestler in the world dreams of one day appearing in WWE.

One or two notable exceptions aside, Vince's promotion is unquestionably the final destination for budding workers, many of whom grew up with eyes glued to Raw and SmackDown. So the hoops some will jump through just for even the briefest of appearances with the sports entertainment titans are not at all surprising.

While developmental wrestlers have regularly appeared as security guards and cops over the years, countless future WWE stars also appeared as Adam Roses' 'Rosebuds' during his tenure with the company - including Braun Strowman, James Ellsworth, and Alexa Bliss to name just a few.

However, outside of the Rosebud/Security Guard category, several big name superstars appeared in WWE under surprising circumstances prior to their eventual full-time debuts. From main event prospects and rising stars of today to former WWE Champions and eventual WWE Hall of Famers, the list of wrestling personalities to play background roles in WWE is as surprising as it is long.

We've picked out ten of the most bizarre cameos to get you started.


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