10 Words That Most Accurately Describe Wrestling Right Now

How to sell a contradiction.


It's fitting that a business based on a contradiction - the act of protecting an opponent under the pretence of inflicting pain - is full of them. That remains the case in 2017.

Wrestling is both good and bad because it is at once interesting and tedious. The LaVar Bell segment from a few weeks back crystallised the paradox; WWE dominated the wrestling conversation, which offered different philosophies, insights and arguments, when they weren't making the faintest pretence of presenting a wrestling segment. Wrestling is at once progressive and regressive. In the same week WWE filmed the Mae Young Classic, Renee Young wondered aloud if Sami Zayn had a problem with Mike Kanellis for taking his wife's name.

One notable omission from this list is "experimental"; the same company reverting to foreign menace archetype elsewhere is slowly introducing new concepts. The Great Balls Of Fire main event was a rare heel vs. tweener affair modelled after a fight, and not a sports entertainment story. Performers are allowed to perform extemporaneously on RAW Talk and Talking Smack. Wrestling being a contradiction, they also recite speeches written on their behalf mere hours later.

Wrestling is a contradiction. It's eclectic. It is also...


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