10 Worst Wrestling PPV Concepts Ever

3. WCW World War 3

Another stormer from the WCW brain trust, World War 3 once again relied heavily on the battle royal gimmick, only this time there were three separate rings in the arena. It's unique, yes, and looking back there is something charming about the entire thing, but the fact is that World War 3 was simply too chaotic - there was so much going on during the main event match that fans found it difficult to care until enough guys had been eliminated that the bout was only taking place in the central ring. First showing face in 1995, World War 3 would depart following the 1998 event, being replaced in 1999 by the more simple WCW Mayhem PPV. No less than 60 wrestlers were entered into the battle royal, 20 in each ring, and whilst it was admittedly quite the spectacle, few fans were disappointed once WCW revealed they were moving away from the concept. The tag-line of the event was, 'You do the math', but mathematics isn't something anyone wants to do when sitting down to watch a pro wrestling show, and there were simply too many bodies flying around for fans to fully concentrate on who was getting thrown over the top rope.

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