10 Worst WWE Gimmicks Of 2017

10. "Face Of America" Kevin Owens


The newly shaven, suited-and-booted Kevin Owens, having wrested the United States Championship from Chris Jericho, fancied himself as 'The New Face of America' in the springtime. The Hart Foundation circa 1997, it was not. Well, it might have been. It was quickly shelved in early summer when it became apparent how needless it was.

The idea - if you can stretch to that descriptor, given that it was hardly inventive - wasn't just derivative of wrestling's passé past. It was also derivative of its present; Owens was one of three anti-American heels on the one SmackDown brand, alongside Jinder Mahal and Rusev. Astonishingly, given Rusev's used toy status and Mahal's general being, Owens was the one ordered to drop the act.

It wasn't terrible - it was just completely beneath a performer of his creativity. His discomforting passive aggressive behaviour towards Michael Cole was far more effective in conveying him as complete a*sehole. The subversion of John Cena's U.S. Open Challenge was a neat touch, given how well-remembered the original was - but alas, we never bore witness to the conclusion of the arc.

He was probably pencilled in to job to Cena, actually, so every cloud.


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