10 Worst WWE Hell In A Cell Matches EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

10. Roman Reigns Vs Rusev (Hell In A Cell 2016, ***1/4)


The sheer quality of most Hell In A Cell matches perhaps unfairly places this contest amongst the 'worst' in the twenty year history of the concept, but the spirited brawl between 'The Big Dog' and the 'Bulgarian Brute' served more to highlight how needless the annual presentation of the gimmick is.

The US Title match was one of three Cell efforts on the broadcast, with bouts for the main male and female singles titles taking far greater precedence over the midcard match.

Frustratingly, Rusev and Reigns perhaps warranted the cage more than Universal Title rivals Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. They'd been fighting for months, including a SummerSlam match that couldn't even officially take place thanks to rising hostilities between the two. Regrettably, WWE deemed it unacceptable to include a defence of the top title without it being encased in steel, though notably it's a gesture that hasn't been extended to Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura in 2017.

The company have perhaps having realised how an over-reliance on the gimmick watered down all three battles last year, especially when all three encounters were forced to employ outside entities as well as 'Satan's Structure'.


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