10 Worst WWE WrestleMania World Title Storylines

They're supposed to be to be the most important matches of the entire year...

It's not the most encouraging sign when Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler receive nothing but glowing encouragement from different crowds when matched up against dastardly Triple H. That's because it juxtaposes with the sneering indifference received by Roman Reigns when he violently confronts the WWE Champion. Not that fans were exactly clamouring for Reigns to dethrone Triple H come April 3, but the storyline has been pretty lame to this point. Not only has Reigns been incorrectly positioned as some kind of underdog akin to Daniel Bryan (which is like casting Jason Statham as a fearful hypochondriac), but he's paled to the more organic responses received by other babyfaces in his stead. It's been nothing but a disaster to this point. While I'll refrain from including it in this list due to its still ongoing capacity (not that I see it getting any better), I'll say that right now, it's in equal company with some of the top forthcoming entries. WrestleMania World title feuds receive heavier scrutiny because they're supposed to be the premier matches of wrestling's premier event. It seems that the people who cribbed out the twists and turns of each storyline didn't get that memo. This list includes storylines for both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. As the list progresses, prepare yourself for a flood of bad memories, folks...


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