10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2017

9. Titus O'Neil


It's fitting that Titus O'Neil has repeatedly tried to recruit Dana Brooke into his 'Titus Worldwide' group throughout 2017, as the former Prime Time Player has effectively become her male equivalent.

The big man loses constantly. His televised win/loss record currently sits at 5-15, with just two of those victories coming on Raw. He's generally a guy the company only call upon when a more celebrated talent needs a straightforward two-minute win: this is fine, but it doesn't change the fact that even after eight years with WWE, O'Neil remains a big, lumbering stiff.

He started the year attempting to join The New Day in a cringe-worthy micro-story that saw Titus continually rebuffed. From there, O'Neil continued to eek out a meagre jobber-like existence, before recruited the uber talented Apollo Crews to join his weird lower-card cult. The former Uhaa Nation soon became as pointless as O'Neil, and the duo have been directionless since failing to convince Akira Tozawa to align with them over the summer.

But while Crews has a noticeable upside, Titus does not. Now 40-years-old, it's clear that the cumbersome oaf is never going to get any better, so why retain him as an in-ring performer?

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