10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2017

3. Jinder Mahal


Much has been written on Jinder Mahal's failings as a top guy over the past few months, but while 'The Maharaja's' harshest critics tend to go overboard in their appraisal of his WWE Title run, their core arguments have merit.

Jinder's skill-set is full of holes. He deserves credit for legitimately carrying himself like a big deal, but that image is shattered the moment his ring entrance ends. The former WWE Champion is a dry, unengaging talker, who rarely alters his tone or cadence, spewing each repetitive promo with identical delivery to the last. This is far from his greatest shortcoming, though.

No other WWE Superstar works a style as basic as Mahal's. He's a slow, ponderous '80s-esque territorial heel who has somehow washed up in the hyper-athletic modern era. This would've been fine 30 years ago, but it's 2017: people want action, not restholds and sloppy slams, with Jinder's stop-start style more effective at sending audiences to sleep than drawing heel heat.

It took the great AJ Styles to finally drag an acceptable match out of Mahal on November 7th. His reign was characterised by legitimately terrible pay-per-view bouts, and if we're lucky, his upcoming rematch with 'The Phenomenal One' will be his last.

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