10 Worst WWF 'New Generation' Gimmicks

Fake magicians, plumbers, pirates and wrestling monks, they're all here...

The current WWE product takes quite the bashing from the online wrestling fan community. Often, such criticisms are wholly justified, because people simply aren't feeling entertained often enough. However, the advent of the WWE Network has made it possible to look back to an altogether darker time. The period in question is the WWF 'New Generation' era from the mid-1990's. For a lot of younger fans, it may be impossible to imagine the roster being any lighter on star power than it is now. Today, WWE are struggling to create genuine, money-making main event stars that fans wish to pay money to watch. The situation now is nothing compared to 1994-1997, when the 'New Generation' was all the rage. A new marketing ploy by Vince McMahon to combat the sagging ratings, the 'New Generation' was supposed to make the federation look hip. A lot of the 'older generation' stars, such as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, were now plying their trade in WCW. As a consequence, McMahon felt he needed a fresh influx of stars to beef out his cards. Gimmicks were decreed as the way forward, and boy were there some horrible ones. This article looks at 10 of the worst offenders from the 'New Generation' era. Quite how the World Wrestling Federation brain trust felt these characters would appeal to anyone is maddening!

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